Privacy Policy

◆ Introduction

【LtdTokyo Neeet] ("Our company" is called "Company.") In the handling of personal information of the user, it is defined as follows.


◆ Acquisition of personal information

This service may retrieve personal information (name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.).


◆ Use of personal information

Personal information acquired will be used for the following purposes.

(1) For provision and operation of our service

(2) In order to send new features of the service used by the user, update information, campaign, etc. and other service information provided by our company

(3) For statistical analysis

(4) Purpose attached to the above use purpose


◆ Safety management of personal information

We will strictly manage your personal information provided by the Company to take necessary protection measures. In addition, if the handling of personal information is outsourced to another company for the purpose of use above, we will ask for strict management to business consignee and teach it properly.


◆ Prohibition of disclosure and offer to third party

Basically, personal information does not provide a third party, but the law on protection of personal information23Article1Each item may be provided based on laws and regulations.


◆ Inquiry about personal information

LtdTokyo Neeet



◆ About modification and review

For personal information, we will review the change of law and be reviewed at any time.